Microsoft word 2013 spell checker not working free -

Microsoft word 2013 spell checker not working free -

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5 Methods Word Spell Check Not Working Solution - Updated - Solution Exist 



Microsoft word 2013 spell checker not working free.How to Fix It When Spell Check Is Not Working in Word

  Now restart your computer and spell check in word is working. Spelling and grammar errors.  

- Spell Check Not Working in Word [Fixed on Windows 10 PC]

  May 26,  · Spell check or grammar check will not check anything. I type complete garbage and do a spell check and it states I'm "good to go"! I tried to post this in another thread but, when I tried, I got a web page that stated the web site was having problems. Figures, I should have probably went with a Mac. Sunday, May 26, PM. Apr 30,  · Hi, I have installed Office In Word and Excel the spell checker doesn't work, although the grammar checker does. I have checked that the language is set correctly and that the Do not check grammar or spelling box is not set. It makes no difference if the suggest from main dictionary box is ticked or not. Mar 26,  · I have been through all the suggestions and the spell checker in my Office Pro version will not catch a single miss spelled word. I have gone into Proofing and made sure the "Suggest from main dictionary only" is not checked, I have uninstalled then reinstalled Office, I have gone into the installer and made sure the proofing tools are installed, and I have .    


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